More than a set of
Zip and Unzip Components!

ZipTV is a suite of over 37
compression related components!

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Archive "Tool" Components
  arctoarc.bmp (550 bytes) TArc2Arc Convert one archive to another  (also useful for rebuilding archives). Approx. 15 archive types supported.
  TArchiveEditor Change an archives compressed filenames, dates, and file-attributes. Supports wildcard edits. Supports .bh, .zip, .jar, .lha, .lzh, and .tar archives.
  sfx.bmp (566 bytes) TMakeSFX Create SFX's (SelF eXecutable) archives.
Supports 9 different archive formats.
  trbosrch.bmp (550 bytes) TTurboSearch Search entire directories of archives for specific text.
Approx. 15 archive types supported.
  zipcheck.bmp (550 bytes) TZipCheck Verify integrity of multiple archive types.
  TFileScan Not a compression related component. Used internally by ZipTV for fast location of files matching filespecs. TFileScan supports multiple filespecs, an important feature not found in simular components.
  ziptv.bmp (550 bytes) *TZipTV* Archive viewer.
Front-end for all compress / decompress components
  zipview.bmp (550 bytes) TZipView Display archive information in list format. Replaces slow TListView.
  prevdlg.bmp (550 bytes) TztvPreviewDialog Open dialog that previews contents of archive before selecting for open.
  unsfx.bmp (550 bytes) TUnSFX Cut the SFX stub's from archives... returning to native archive format. Approx. 10 archive types supported.
  ziprun.bmp (550 bytes) TZipRun Shell component for extracting and running files from within archives.
  zipsrch.bmp (550 bytes) TZipSearch Search archives for specific text.
Approx. 15 archive types supported.
  findfile.bmp (550 bytes) TztvFindFile Find specific files (wildcards supported) within archives.
Approx. 15 archive types supported.
  TZipTV_Clipboard Compress & decompress streams to/from the windows clipboard.


Compression / Encoding Components
  blakhole.bmp (550 bytes) TBlakHole Create blakhole archives. (our own archive format)
  blakhole.bmp (550 bytes) TBZip Compress single file using the BZip2 algorithm.
  gzip.bmp (550 bytes) TGZip Create unix compatible gzip archives  Supports gzip/tar format.
  jar.bmp (550 bytes) TJar Create jar archives (JavaSoft's .jar format).
  lha.bmp (550 bytes) TLha Create lha archives.
  cab.bmp (550 bytes) TCab Create Ms cabinet archives.
  tar.bmp (550 bytes) TTar Create unix compatible .tar archives.
  TSevemZip Create 7zip compatible archives
  uuencode.bmp (550 bytes) TUUEncode Create UUE / XXE encoded files for email compatibility.
  zip.bmp (550 bytes) TZip Create pkzip compatible archives.


Decompression / Decoding Components
  unace.bmp (406 bytes) TUnACE Decompress .ace archives


The operation of TArchiveStream is to decompress files within an any supported Archive type, irregardless of the origin of the stream or it's type.

There are many development implications with this uniqute component (internet/intranet streaming,  port streaming, raw decompressed data handling (instant data handling, data searches, virus scanning) supporting multiple archive types. Advanced powerful concept, yet easy to use.
  unarc.bmp (550 bytes) TUnARC Decompress .arc archives
  TUnARJ Decompress .arj archives
  unbh.bmp (550 bytes) TUnBH Decompress .bh (blakhole) archives
  unbh.bmp (550 bytes) TUnBZip Decompress single file BZip2
  uncab.bmp (550 bytes) TUnCAB Decompress .cab archives
  ungzip.bmp (550 bytes) TUnGZIP Decompress .gz .z .tar.gz archives
  unjar.bmp (550 bytes) TUnJAR Decompress .arj archives   (JavaSoft's .jar format)
  unlha.bmp (550 bytes) TUnLHA Decompress .lha .lzh archives
  unrar.bmp (550 bytes) TUnRAR Decompress .rar archives
  untar.bmp (550 bytes) TUnTAR Decompress .tar archives
  TUnSevenZip Decompress .7z archives
  unzip.bmp (550 bytes) TUnZIP Decompress .zip archives   (backward compatible with pkzip .90).
  unzoo.bmp (550 bytes) TUnZOO Decompress .zoo archives
  uudecode.bmp (550 bytes) TUUDecode Decode UUE / XXE encoded files


Multi-Volume (Split Archive) Components


Decendant of the TZip component. Combines with the TArchiveSplitter component to create user specified size, multi-volume archive, while compressing a .zip archive.
Convert any existing zip file into a user specified size, multi-volume archive. Currently, only .zip archives are supported.
Converts a multi-volume .zip archive back into a single .zip archive.