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ZipTV Archive Filter


Supporting a much wider range of popular archive and SFX formats than any other archive filter!

ZipTV Archive Filter is an IFilter implementation to filter contents of all popular archive file formats. This, in combination with Microsoft Indexing and Search services, opens up great possibilities to effect lightning fast text search of your archive file contents. Moreover you can now take advantage of the powerful query language features, such as boolean queries, query by document property etc., to search your archives for filenames, contents, metadata and comments.

ZipTV Archive Filter currently filters over 15 popular archive file formats from the most widely used DOS/WIN95/98/NT/XP/2000 and Unix utilities. In addition it can filter the SFX, multi-part/split/multi-volume/nested versions of many of these archive file formats. ZipTV Archive Filter supports Internet Information Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Site Server, Exchange, SQL Server and all other products based on Microsoft Indexing Service technology

Comprehensive documentation and highly useful illustrations are provided to make your archive content search easier.


Supported Archive File Formats

Complete built-in support for ZIP, ZIP SFX, SPLIT ZIP, JAR(JavaSoft® jar format), JAR SFX, CAB(Microsoft® Cabinet), LHA, LHA SFX, LZH, LZH SFX,TAR(Unix Tape ARchive), GZIP(Unix GZip), BH(BlakHole), BH SFX , RAR, RAR SFX, ARJ, ARJ SFX, ARC, ARC SFX, ACE, ACE SFX, ZOO, GZipTar, TZ, TAZ, TGZ(Unix Tar/GZ archives) compressed files and UUE/XXE/ENC encoded files. Also filters nested, multi-part/multi-volume/split versions of these.

Contents Filtered

Contents of documents inside archives with registered IFilters.

Metadata of documents inside archives.

Textual OLE document properties of files in archives like Author, Subject etc.

List of compressed files in archives.

Main archive comment of ZIP ZIP SFX and JAR archives.

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